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A few days ago I posted a question about missing textures leading to black objects in TSRE5. In the mean time I found out the cause of the problem. The textures not rendering (while the ACE files are present in the textures folder) is a result of installing the BNRL scenic route in the OR Train Simulator folder. The BNRL install make changes to files in the root Global folder which, if I understand correctly, makes TSRE look for DDS textures and ignores the ACE textures. Per the thread below someone ran into this same issue in OR a number of years ago. I t all makes sense now. I reinstalled everything with the (great) BNRL route from Trainsimulations in a completely separate folder structure and it solved the problem with the ACE textures not loading in TSRE. Unless you want to keep this post in this discussion group, in case anyone runs into the same issue, please ignore my posts. Thanks!

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