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Brazilian greetings!

I'm William, I simulate on Open Rails and I've been using TSRE5 for many years. I'm new to the forum, so I'm sorry if I'm posting the topic in the wrong place.

I'm having a very annoying problem in TSRE5, I have a gigantic route, about 600 km (372 miles), and when creating activities, like adding static trains, TSRE5 is very slow making it impossible to create the activity. I believe due to the size of the route.

Would it be possible to fix this?

Or if not, I would like to suggest an edition that would be very well received here in Brazil:

The MSTS Editors & Tools activity editor works with a map, which makes it easy to create activities. I would like to suggest that the TSRE5 also had the possibility to create activities through a map, so it would be less work when creating activities in long routes and without a doubt we would have a better performance. It would be interesting to create activities through the map instead of the route scenery. A map in the molds of Open Rails Track Viewer or Editors & Tools.

Thank you for your attention and receive hugs from Brazil!

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