TSRE version 0.699 for Linux

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TSRE can be used without issues on linux.
You can use precompiled biuld for 64 bit Arch Linux (should work on other updated distros too):
But unlike previous builds, it is not a static build, so there is a huge chance it won't work with your linux version.
You can also build your own version using netbeans.

TSRE requires case insensitive filesystem. How to make it on linux, read here:
https://www.collabora.com/news-and-blog ... e-in-ext4/
You can make ext4 file system inside a file.

Alternatively, you can change all your filenames of OR/MSTS data to lowercase.

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Hello Goku,

I am quite new on this forum, so I apologize in advance if I violate any forum rules...

I am looking into using your TSRE on Linux, and of course tried your "lowercase" script. It takes quite some time for all those files in the routes; I suppose that a C/C++ program could be faster... But have you ever considered the "strcasecmp" function? That could enable us to just use every route ever prduced for MSTS (and ORTS of course!).
I have tried the function with a very simplistic C++ program, which I include with this post.

Thanks for all your work on the utility; it looks very promising!

Hans Jansen
c++ source and executable, just for trying.
(3.72 KiB) Downloaded 78 times

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Btw, another question arises here. OpenRails itself, in my opinion, seems to have found the solution to this very problem...
Anybody knows how they do it?


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