The Relase of the Pennsylvania RR East v2

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I have spent the last two years editing a route that was once said to be un-editable.

Then along came Goku with an editor that has proved itself to be up to the task of editing the PRR-East.

There were many 'discussions' I had with Goku over the last couple of years and they all proved to me he's willing to listen.
His editor made today's upload to the File Library possible. Thank you Goku!
The upload is now undergoing the inspection and anti-virus scan processes which will take a day or so.

The uploaded installer zip file is named
I don't know if the inspectors will preserve the capital letters I used (makes seeing easier for seniors) so be aware in may be in the library as: . . . That's what happened to my LIRR route when I uploaded a year or so ago.

Vince Cockeram

Please, if you have a problem please attach the OpenRailsLog.txt file to a bug report.
The route has been tested with Open Rails.
MSTS is unable to run the route with acceptable frame rates. (5-8 fps)

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Thanks, running great.


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