AE: Unchecking all station stops for a service

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Hello Goku! As a route and activity creator who uses TSRE extensively, thank you so much for creating this masterpiece.

I have only one small feature request to make. In my country, most of the stations are small wayside ones where very few trains stop. Most trains stop at big stations only, skipping multiple smaller ones.

So it's a little tedious when I'm making a service in TSRE's AE, because after I select the consist and its path, I find that all station stops are checked by default. I have to manually uncheck each and every one. For long routes, I end up having to uncheck around 50 stations and then leave 2 stations (which are the big terminals) checked. If it's possible to either have all stations unchecked by default, or if a 'clear all stops' button can be provided, it would save lots of time for me.

Thanks again!

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