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Recent items is a very powerful function for route building. Using it for a while I have several recommendations, how to enhance it even more:

1. When I pick a shape, it appears in recent items with its filename. Let TSRE use the display name if it exists in ref, using filename and display name at once may be confusing. Not to mention, if the shape exits in recent items and I pick it, TSRE duplicate it in the list.
2. When I'm searching for the proper object and watching in the shape view window, every time it's added to the recent items, which is unnecessary. My advice is: add a shape to recent items only if it's placed on the tile or picked from it. It doesn't make sense in other cases.
3. Recent items count can be changed in settings.txt. However, increasing the default number results increasing the main window height. Is it possible to turn on the vertical scrollbar instead?
4. Recent items list can be full. Certain shapes are placed more times, others only once. In this case, on what basis do you change the old ones to newer? It would be useful, if the more important ones could be pinned down. Recent items right click menu may be expanded with a pin/unpin item and theese shapes could be drawn with different color in the list.
5. Sometimes I place similar objects from the same class in ref. When I place from another class and then continue the former process, I have to choose the recent class again, which could be time consuming if there are many classes in ref or have to switch between classes frequently. It would be useful, if I double click on recent item and/or expanding the right click menu with "Select item class" to show the members in the upper list.

Thank you for your work Goku, your editor greatly enhances the experience of the route building process.

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